Painting with Oil

A Conversation interrupted

Oil on Fiber Board 23″ X 28″

An oil painting displaying a dinning room scene with abandoned place sets and unfinished food and drink waiting for the partakers to return. It poses the questions, “Who was here?”,” Where did they go?”,”What were they talking about?, “Why did they leave?”

Will we ever know?

love of the vine

Oil on Fiber Board 23″ X 28″

I had purchased this Candelabra from a thrift store thinking “This would be nice to do in a painting sometime” and here it is

Desert Trail

Oil on Fiber Board 23″ X 28″

This painting was done from a photograph I took while driving from Oatman, Arizona to Kingman, Arizona along Rt. 66 near Sitgreaves pass looking East

Low Tide

Oil on Fiber Board 14″ X 11″

Oil Painting of the Main State coastline at low tide with pools and seaweed visible among the rocks.

My challenge was to illustrate the appearance of rocks viewed through the reflective surface of water

Kitchen Table

Oil on Fiber Board 28″ X 23″

I loved how all of these colors were speaking to each other while I was trying to fix supper and had to stop and put it into paint

The bird feeders

Oil on Fiber Board 11″ X 14″

A pleinair Oil painting of a lake house back yard bird feeders and surrounds done quickly using thin glazes of oil paints


Oil on Fiber Board 14″ X 11″

A pleinair oil painting of lettuce growing in my garden painted with thin glazes of oil paint

The Garden wall

Oil on Fiber Board 7.5″ X 8.5″

a pleinair oil painting of my garden wall painted with thin glazes of oil paint

I built the wall from construction rubble and especially liked the glass brick I found

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